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Highlights from the BrightSpace Executive Board Meeting – November 24, 2023

In a dynamic session held on the morning of November 24, 2023, the BrightSpace Executive Board convened to discuss and strategize on key aspects shaping the trajectory of our project.

The board commenced by revisiting the Annual Meeting held in mid-October in Prague. This retrospective allowed for a comprehensive analysis of achievements, challenges, and insights gained during the gathering.

Discussions delved into the recent engagement at the EC Projects Cluster Meeting in Brussels on October 25, 2023. Collaborations and synergies with fellow projects were explored, providing a platform for shared learnings and collective progress.

Attention then turned to the impactful 1st Thematic Seminar conducted on October 30, 2023. Plans for the upcoming 1st Stakeholder Retreat in June 2024, focused on baselines, were outlined, emphasizing the project’s dedication to engaging and involving key stakeholders.

The meeting included comprehensive updates on the various work packages within BrightSpace, along with a detailed review of the status of upcoming deliverables and milestones set for month 18.

Anticipation surrounds the approaching Periodic Reporting to the EC in Month 18, with the first set of deliverables due by the end of April. The board discussed strategies to ensure the timely and successful submission of these crucial project milestones.

A pivotal segment of the meeting was dedicated to external communication. This included the unveiling of new project videos, the imminent release of the 2nd newsletter on December 1, and collaborative communication efforts with fellow projects. The crafting of key project messages for different target audiences further solidified our commitment to transparent and effective communication.

The board concluded with a review and update of the action list, ensuring that tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined and progress is monitored effectively.

The outcomes of this Executive Board meeting reinforce our collective commitment to realizing the goals of the BrightSpace project.

Stay tuned for further updates as we research advancements towards a more sustainable, safe and just agricultural future.

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