Towards a safe and just operating
space for EU agriculture

1st Stakeholder Retreat

The 1st Stakeholder Retreat of the BrightSpace project, organised by the Thünen Institute in Leuven (Belgium) on 19-20 June, was attended by 25 participants. Stakeholders representing the interests of farmers, industry, citizens, EU authorities and project partners came together to discuss how the developed Safe and Just Operating Space (SJOS) framework for agriculture can be used to assess future developments.

Project partners presented the set of indicators used to define the SJOS for agriculture and the current status of these indicators. Furthermore, modelling results were used to give an insight into what the future might look like. The results were intensively discussed, and the discussion continued with questions about what the alternative futures might look like and where the thresholds for specific indicators should be set to define the thresholds that should be respected if EU agriculture is to navigate towards a safe and just future.

The co-created knowledge will be used in further project steps. New result will be presented and used for further discussions during the 2nd Retreat, which is planned for autumn 2025.

Source: Thünen Institute

Photos/clip: © Katalin Balázs, Planslab

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