Towards a safe and just operating
space for EU agriculture

A project entitled the BrightSpace Project funded under Horizon Europe to design a roadmap for effective and sustainable strategies for assessing and addressing the challenges of EU agriculture to navigate within a Safe and Just Operating Space is having its annual meeting between 12 and 13 October 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Increasing the contribution of EU agriculture to climate change action

The increasingly worrysome events of recent years with regard to climate change highlight the fact that the future of humanity fundamentally depends on how we can manage the earth’s resources and our environment in a way that their use does not cause an irreversibly unfavourable situation. The European Green Deal, aims, among others, to increase the contribution of EU agriculture to climate change action, improve the management of natural resources, ensure a fair economic return for farmers, and reinforce the protection of biodiversity. EU agriculture and food practices are currently not on the right track to meet the Green Deal ambitions and objectives. It is therefore important to have tools that help create harmony between environmental constraints and economic goals. The aim of the BrightSpace project is to create simulation models in the field of agriculture and the food industry, in order to help policy making to manage a balance between the economy and the environment.

BrightSpace brings together 15 research institutions from eight EU countries and the UK, and builds on established modelling tools that are used to predict the impacts of climate, agricultural, and forestry policies, at the local, national, and regional levels.

Project annual meeting in Prague

At the annual meeting, hosted by the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (ČZU) between 12 and 13 October 2023, the partners review the status quo of the project and the progress in the first year and draw up a road map for the second year of the project.
To ensure that the project meets the EU’s policy needs in the short- and long-term, representatives of the European Commission, as well as noted experts in agricultural policy and impact assessment who are members of the Scientific and Policy Advisory Board will participate in the meeting.

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