Towards a safe and just operating
space for EU agriculture

WP12 Executive Board Meeting, 5 April 2024

Another WP12 Executive Board meeting in the series of monthly online meetings, spent in good spirit on 5 April 2024, discussing:

  1. Deliverables Review: The board meticulously reviewed deliverables due by the end of April, ensuring alignment with project timelines and objectives.
  2. Upcoming Events: Planning and preparation for stakeholder engagement activities and the forthcoming Thematic Seminar were discussed, emphasizing the project’s commitment to engaging stakeholders and fostering dialogue.
  3. Capacity Building: Strategies for enhancing capacity building initiatives were explored, reflecting the project’s dedication to knowledge dissemination and skill development.
  4. WP Updates: Updates from various work packages were shared, providing insight into ongoing progress and milestones achieved.
  5. Communication: The board emphasized the importance of effective communication strategies, ensuring project updates reach stakeholders and the wider community.
  6. Next Annual Meeting: Preparations and initial plans for the next Annual Meeting were outlined, aiming to facilitate meaningful discussions and collaborations among project partners.
  7. Project Management: Project management aspects and preparations for Periodic Reporting were reviewed, ensuring smooth project operation and compliance with reporting requirements.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with board members reiterating their commitment to advancing the goals of the BrightSpace project and achieving impactful outcomes in sustainable agriculture.

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