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WP11: 2nd COMDISS meeting, 21 November 2023

We had our 2nd Communication & Dissemination meeting on 21 November 2023. Here’s a snapshot of what we covered:

🔄 Review: We checked off action points from our last meeting in May.
💬 WP Level Insights: Each WP level COMDISS Officer shared insights with view for external communications. 
📢 Communication Plans: we explored current and future communication plans, both centrally and per partner. The COMDISS Task Leader reported about COMDISS collaboration activities and plans with fellow projects LAMASUS, GenBEcon and RATION.
📊 Strategy Refinement: We critically reviewed our Communication, Dissemination, and Impact Strategy and Plan. We brainstormed on updating COMDISS KPIs for more accurate reflection of partner activities.
🌐 Key Messages and Social Media: We explored key messages per target audience, leveraging insights from all partners. We discussed strategies for boosting COMDISS activities and increasing social media engagement.
📈 COMDISS KPIs: We brainstormed on enhancing COMDISS activities and KPIs that are always striving for improvement.
🗓️ Next Steps: We summarized crucial action points for immediate implementation. We marked our calendars for the next COMDISS meeting in April 2024 where the upcoming EC Reporting takes the spotlight.

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