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Networking and cooperation with Horizon Europe projects: GenBEcon and RATION

BrightSpace established cooperation in January 2023 with the two Horizon Europe research projects: GenBEcon and RATION.

GenBEcon (GA Nr. 101061015) is dealing with capturing the potential of gene editing for a sustainable bioeconomy, and RATION (GA Nr. 101084163) is focusing on risk assessment innovation for low-risk pesticides.

The common interests of the three projects are to foster

  • enabling technologies for achieving the Farm to Fork Strategy targets of reducing the application of pesticides by 50 percent,
  • the development of critical institutional conditions promoting their diffusion and
  • model simulations of alternative scenarios of the diffusion of suitable technologies.

The joint activities involve regular monthly meetings of project teams to share information on research progress and outputs, and a proposal for a pre-EAAE congress workshop on 29 August 2023 in Rennes, France.

Visit the websites of the projects for more information:

GenBEcon GA Nr. 101061015  – Capturing the potential of Gene editing for a sustainable BioEconomy

RATION GA Nr. 101084163 – Risk AssessmenT InnOvatioN for low-risk pesticides

Source: TC Prague

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