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BrightSpace Advances Capacity Building in Berlin at CAPRI Developer Meeting, 27-28 February 2024

The CAPRI Developer Meeting 2024, a crucial gathering for the Common Agricultural Policy Regionalised Impact (CAPRI) Modelling System, saw significant discussions in the context of capacity building, with a particular focus on the integration of BrightSpace project activities targeting biodiversity indicators.

CAPRI, an established economic model supporting decision-making related to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), has been operational for more than two decades. Developed through European Commission research funds, CAPRI relies on a Pan-European network of researchers working collaboratively on an open-source basis. This collaborative approach involves tendering for projects, model development and maintenance, policy impact assessment, scientific publication, and client consultations.

The CAPRI Developer Meeting was held on February 27-28 in Berlin and online with around 30 participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, and experts from the European Commission. The event was dedicated to facilitating knowledge transfer among developers, experienced users, and other stakeholders. The meeting showcased presentations on various new developments within CAPRI, covering aspects such as relevance, underlying theory, data, and technical implementation. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions on these new modules.

A notable session during the meeting highlighted BrightSpace, a Horizon Europe project focused on sustainable agriculture. Specifically, the presentation delved into the biodiversity indicators employed within BrightSpace. This collaboration underscores the importance of integrating innovative approaches developed in projects like BrightSpace into established models such as CAPRI, promoting enhanced capacity and comprehensive analyses.

BrightSpace’s contributions to the CAPRI Developer Meeting illustrates its catalyst role towards fostering synergy between established models and cutting-edge projects, contributing to a more robust and nuanced understanding of agricultural policy impact.

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Presentation slides:

BrightSpace Biodiversity Indicators – Contributed Session to the CAPRI Developer Meeting 2024

Source: EuroCARE

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