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SGA Conference, 20-21 April 2023, CH

51th Annual conference of the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Sociology (SGA)
«Transformation of agri-food systems – sustainability and digitalization of food value chains»
20th – 21st April 2023, ETH Zurich, AgroVet-Strickhof, Eschikon, Lindau, Switzerland

The large global footprint of agricultural and food systems calls for new forms of production, value chains and improved governance of systems across countries and continents.

Policymakers have set ambitious goals for this, for example outlined in the report on the “Future direction of agricultural policy” by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture or with the “Farm to Fork Strategy” of the European Union. The social and ecological sustainability of food and agricultural production is also an important goal for companies and is demanded by society.

Transformation processes of agricultural and food systems require the collaboration of different actors: together with science, representatives from the administration who pilot and implement new approaches, producers and processors who adapt and further develop digital tools for practice, and civil society movements that actively participate in the co-creation of knowledge are central.

At the conference, new scientific findings and practical experiences on the transformation of the agricultural and food sector in the context of more sustainability and digitalisation of value chains will be presented and discussed.

The conference languages are English, German and French. There will be no translation.

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