Towards a safe and just operating
space for EU agriculture


Acronym: UOXF
Location: Oxford, UK
Role in the project:

UOXF is involved in the development of post-2027 science-based targets for European farming in WP1, database and monitoring system for JOS across spatial scales in WP2, and in the improvements regarding the modelling of JOS indicators in relation to food, nutrition and health domains in WP7, modelling food and health policies and assessing policy options for SJOS in WP9, creating an interactive roadmap to reach the SJOS in WP10. Just like all other partners in the consortium UOXF also contributes to project communication, results dissemination and exploitation in WP11.


The Environmental Change Institute at the Oxford University Centre for the Environment was established in 1991 'to organize and promote interdisciplinary research on the nature, causes and impact of environmental change and to contribute to the development of management strategies for coping with future environmental change'.

Over the last 25 years they have developed an international track record for research in climate, ecosystems and energy and a growing expertise in the fields of food and water. They respond to the challenges in these areas through an interdisciplinary and integrated programme of understanding processes of change; exploring sustainable solutions; and influencing change through education and partnership.

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Dr Marco Springmann
Position: Senior Researcher in Environment and Health
Role in the project:
Researcher contributing to WP1, WP2, WP7, WP9, WP10

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Vicki Sperrey
Position: ECI Communications Officer
Role in the project:
COMDISS Officer in WP11