Towards a safe and just operating
space for EU agriculture

Food 2030 Networks Conference, 5-7 March 2024, Brussels, BE

The FOOD 2030 Networks Conference on Transformative Food System Innovation is taking place between 5 and 7 March in Brussels Belgium under the auspices of the Belgian EU Presidency with participation of farmers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, living lab representatives and other food system innovators to set the scene for more collaborative approaches towards innovating the future agriculture and food system.
Transformative innovation is needed based on an inclusive systemic approach to ensure a just transition that is fair for everyone and enables a good life for all within planetary boundaries.

Living labs, communities of practice, and other co-creation initiatives bringing together innovators and other relevant stakeholders from rural and urban communities will be essential for supporting such transformative food system innovation.

Key objectives of the conference

  • Coordinating cross-project collaboration on common objectives for transforming the agriculture and food system
  • Bringing together living labs and innovators working on technological, social, governance, and market-driven solutions for transforming the agriculture and food system.
  • Fostering dialogue with policymakers and civil servants at different governance levels on removing lock-ins

Registration deadline: 19 February 2024

For the detailed programme and more information please visit the official page of the event at

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