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Beyond Growth Conference, 15-17 May 2023, BE

The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference takes place in the European Parliament building in Brussels on 15-16-17 May 2023; Live streaming will also be available. Whether you are planning to attend in person or to follow it online, please register here.

The conference offers an opportunity for discussion across institutional boundaries and with European citizens. It will involve stakeholders from EU and national policymaking, academia, social partners and civil society organisations. With this conference, the organisers aim to challenge conventional policy-making in the European Union and to redefine societal goals across the board, in order to move away from the harmful focus on the sole economic growth – that is, the growth of GDP – as the basis of our development model. The conference will put into practice the idea of a post-growth future-fit EU that combines social well-being and viable economic development with the respect of planetary boundaries.

Visit the conference page for more information.

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